Pageonce Apps

Pageonce Apps

Pageonce has launched a new app for smartphones. TripTracker will “automagically” track your flight reservations after you input your frequent flyer online account information. This takes just a couple of minutes per airline.

The flight details include your seat assignment, type of aircraft as well as class flown and confirmation number. You’ll get real time departure and arrival times including the terminal and gate along with current weather conditions (you’ll not see weather forecasts for the date expected to fly, only current conditions). The Map tab shows the flight pattern similar to what those travelers see in their seatback entertainment systems onboard the planes. You can also track your hotel and car rentals.

The flight details also include a telephone number for your airline–something that can come in very handy if you need to make last-minute flight changes. Pageonce refreshes all accounts once every day in order to track important changes and to notify you about them via push notifications and email (if you’ve signed up with your email address). In addition, your account is being refreshed every time you launch the application.

There is a free version that displays ads at the bottom of your screen and a paid version for $4.99. You can add a passcode lock for security. TripTracker works on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android phones. A BlackBerry version should be available early 2011.

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