AAdvantage Mileage Multiplier

AAdvantage Mileage Multiplier

American AAdvantage has introduced a new way for members to double or triple the miles earned when flying on American, but it will cost you.

Similar to United Mileage Plus Award Accelerator and the US Airways Dividend Miles Multiplier, AAdvantage members will be able to purchase additional miles in conjunction with a flight on American Airlines, American Eagle or AmericanConnection.

When using a self-service check-in machine at airports in the U.S., Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands, you will be given the option to purchase double or triple miles with your credit card. If you prefer to check-in online, you can purchase Mileage Multiplier miles by stopping by a self-service check-in machine at the airport and select the Reprint Boarding Pass or Check Baggage option–Mileage Multiplier miles cannot be purchased online.

Miles can be purchased for $.03 per mile, plus a 7.5 percent excise tax. For example, on a flight from Chicago to Dallas (802 base miles), you can pay an extra $25 and earn double miles (1,604 miles total) or $49 and earn triple miles (2,406 miles total).

Bottom line: While this is a pricey way to acquire miles, it is cheaper than buying miles directly from American Airlines on amounts less than 6,000 miles. Individual miles are cheaper if you buy them at aa.com, but you’ll have to pay a $30 transaction fee, which makes the transaction more expensive on smaller amounts. For example, it would cost $90 to get 3,000 bonus miles using the Mileage Multiplier option, or you can buy 3,000 miles for $112.50 (with the $30 processing charge) through buyAAmiles on AA.com. If you buy 10,000 miles with buyAAmiles, however, you’ll pay only $280 compared to $300 with Mileage Multiplier.

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