TripIt Groups and Apps

TripIt Groups and Apps

TripIt has announced a couple of new features that may make the travel planning Web site more useful to you. You can join the new TripIt Groups to make it easier to share your travel plans and coordinate meetings with coworkers. To set up a group, you will need to submit a request to create a group—if someone from your company hasn’t already.

After creating and joining your company’s group, you can view the travel dates and locations of your colleagues without having to remember when someone will be out of the office or where they are going.

Or if you are planning a trip to a specific city, you can view the TripIt Groups map and see if anyone else in your company will be there at the same time.

You also have the option of hiding a trip if you don’t want to share your whereabouts.

Another new feature is TripIt for Google Apps, which is designed to help employees organize their travel. Both new features are free and available at, although you will need to ask your company’s IT or Google administrator to set up the TripIt for Google App.

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