Frontier Changes

Frontier Changes

Frontier Airlines EarlyReturns is making some changes to its program in an effort to align the program more closely with Midwest Airlines.

Some good news is that travel to or from Alaska has been reduced from 30,000 miles to 25,000 miles and a one-way award to any U.S. destination is only 12,500 miles (from 15,000 miles). CHOICE awards (with fewer capacity controls) are now available to all members for 45,000 miles roundtrip (from 40,000 miles) and 22,500 miles one way (from 30,000 miles).

Ascent and Summit members now have access to Last Seat Availability awards for twice as many miles at 50,000 miles roundtrip and 25,000 miles one way on domestic flights and 60,000 miles roundtrip and 30,000 miles one way on flights to or from Mexico and Costa Rica.

Remember when EarlyReturns offered a roundtrip domestic award for only 15,000 miles? And then it was 20,000 miles? Now the price is going up again to 25,000 miles for awards booked on or after June 15, 2010. Visit to learn more.

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