Flying on an Aeroplan Award?

Flying on an Aeroplan Award?

Who says it’s hard to redeem miles for flights? has introduced a scrolling banner that lists the first names of Aeroplan members who are traveling on award tickets and their destinations. On April 1, Jean Francois from Quebec had managed to secure six tickets to Phuket, Sylvia from Ontario was flying to Seattle and David from Ontario was flying with three companions to Dublin.

While we find the constantly moving tape mildly annoying, we can see why Aeroplan decided to add it. How can someone say award tickets are scarce when you can see the number of people flying for free every day? Plus, the destinations give you an idea of the many cities worldwide within reach of Aeroplan members and you may be inspired to visit someplace you hadn’t considered.

What the scrolling banner doesn’t include is the number of people who tried to redeem miles that day but were unable to find the awards they wanted.

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