Southwest has been busy making changes to You’ll notice not only a new look to the home page, but other changes such as you can now personalize and pre-populate the home page according to your home airport. You can save searches to make it easier to shop for flights, car rentals and hotel stays and new car and hotel booking widgets add to the functionality.

Every page features a search box to ease your way to finding the information you seek, there is drop down global navigation (Air, Car, Hotel and Vacations) and a social media bar if you’d like to engage with Southwest on Facebook, Twitter and

And lest you forget why you fly Southwest Airlines, new pages have been added to highlight how the airline is different from its competitors.

The Rapid Rewards home page has the familiar Rapid Reward bar with links to program information along with an updated look to entice visitors to learn more about Southwest’s partners and A-List program among other items.

Eighty percent of all Southwest Airlines bookings are made at More updates to are expected throughout 2010.

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