New King Club

New King Club

The people behind Kingfisher King Club have been busy and the fruits of their labors are being introduced. Of special interest to the airlines’ best customers, a new elite level has been added. The new top tier, called Platinum, is available to members who earn 180 sector points or 90,000 status miles in 12 months. You can also earn Platinum elite status when you earn 126 sector points in the preceding six months.

In comparison, Silver members are welcomed at 60 sector points or 30,000 status miles during a consecutive 12-month period. Gold members are welcomed at 120 sector points or 60,000 status miles.

Platinum members get 35 percent tier bonus miles, five upgrade vouchers, unlimited lounge access (subject to availability), complimentary King Gold membership for the person you choose, dedicated concierge service and more.

King Club also uses Daily Status Review (DSR) to upgrade members to elite status as soon as they qualify because the DSR recalculates your status on a daily basis. And your account does not start from zero again when you’ve been upgraded to the next tier–instead, Kingfisher continues to calculate your status over the next 365 days, every day, so when you qualify for a higher elite level you will automatically be upgraded.

A member can take just three roundtrip Mumbai-London flights in first class to earn King Platinum. And in case you do not meet the retention criteria within the set period, King Club takes into account your flight activities for up to 18 and 24 months, respectively. For example, the King Platinum tier is valid for 18 months, after the end of which the DSR will check whether the member has retained the tier by looking back over the previous 24 months to give the member maximum opportunity to retain the tier.

King Club members can now take advantage of the Family Club where you and your family members can all collect miles in one account. As the family head, you will receive the miles in your account when a member of your family flies. And although the miles will be pooled into one account, each member will retain their Sector points or the miles needed to advance in status.

For those members who fly a lot of short-hop flights, there’s good news because sector points will now be another way to earn elite status. You will earn sector points based on the sector booked (domestic or international) and your class of travel, instead of the number of miles flown as the only measure toward elite. For example, domestic coach flights will earn two sector points per sector flown while business class will earn three per sector and first class will earn 10 per sector. International flights will earn between two and 50 sector points depending on class of service and distance flown.

New awards are also now available. Members can spend their miles not only on flights, but also upgrade vouchers, lounge passes, movie tickets and many other award choices at the online Air Boutique. Air Boutique offers can be searched by the amount of King Miles needed for the item or by shopping by category such as Computers, Lifestyle, Dining and Giveaways and more. Platinum level King Club members have exclusive award offers just for them and there is a selection of Premium awards.

Members can also transfer, purchase and extend miles for a charge. The fee to transfer miles from your account to that of another member is Rs 0.5 per mile for transfers made online and Rs 0.75 for off-line transfers; no more than 50,000 miles may be transferred in one year.

King Club’s Member-Get-Member has been launched, which is a way for members to earn miles when they introduce the King Club to their friends.

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