Marriott China Fast Track

Marriott China Fast Track

Marriott Rewards members can now redeem points for China Fast Track, which provides assistance to guide travelers through check-in, immigration and customs at airports throughout China and Singapore. Services at arrival and departure include limousine transfers; being greeted by a service ambassador at curbside; check-in, seat assignment, boarding pass and baggage check-in handled by a service ambassador; luxury VIP lounge access prior to the flight; a service ambassador assists you through express immigrations, customs and security lanes and at the boarding gate; you’re greeted by a service ambassador upon arrival and you’ll receive assistance with baggage claim.

Members can redeem 30,000 Marriott Rewards points for four China Fast Track points; 40,000 Marriott points for 5.5 China Fast Track points; 50,000 for 7; 65,000 for 10 and 75,000 Marriott Rewards points for 12 China Fast Track points.

Many China Fast Track services can be redeemed for three or four points. For example, China Fast Track at Shanghai and Hong Kong airports is three points and the Singapore airport requires four points. Marriott Rewards members also receive a 20 percent discount off the retail price when purchasing China Fast Track points directly, which begin at HK$960 for four China Fast Track points. The Chinese language Marriott Web site can be accessed at — For more information on Marriott Rewards or to reserve hotels, members can call 60 3 2688 8080 in Asia Pacific; 852 800 938 968 in Mainland China; and 800 938 968 in Hong Kong.

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