AA and LifeLock

AA and LifeLock

American Airlines AAdvantage members who sign up for LifeLock can earn up to 4,500 miles. Or if you would rather redeem miles for LifeLock service, you can redeem 2,500 miles for a six-month trial membership. LifeLock is an identity theft protection service and offers a number of services to prevent your personal information from being sold or used without your permission. LifeLock guarantees that your identity is safe and if you become an identity theft victim, LifeLock will offer to help you fix it at their expense, up to $1,000,000.

After signing up, your credit card will be billed $9 monthly or $99 annually. You can cancel at any time and you must be an active LifeLock member to earn miles. To earn the full 4,500 AAdvantage miles, you will need to maintain a LifeLock membership for three years. Members will earn 2,500 miles for the first year of LifeLock enrollment and 1,000 miles for membership per year for years two and three.

You can also redeem 2,500 miles for a six-month trial membership in LifeLock. At the end of the six months, your credit card will be billed automatically ($9 monthly or $99 annually) unless you cancel within the six-month period. These offers are for new LifeLock members only. Visit http://offers.lifelock.com/AA

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