VOILA to Delta Redemption

VOILA to Delta Redemption

VOILA points can now be redeemed for miles in the Delta SkyMiles program through a new partnership between the two programs. VOILA members may redeem nine VOILA points for each Delta SkyMiles mile. VOILA members earn 10 VOILA Rewards points for every dollar spent for qualifying stays. VOILA is a points-based frequent guest program that unites a network of over 175 four- and five-star independent hotels and luxury hotel brands worldwide in 13 countries and nearly 125 cities. Visit http://www.vhr.com for more information and to redeem your points.

If you’d rather listen to music than get Delta miles, VOILA Rewards members can now spend their points for music, games and more through a partnership with TheFirstClub.com.

TheFirstClub.com is an entertainment site offering music downloads, PC games, apps and coming soon, movies. You can redeem your VOILA points for ClubCoins, which you will need to get content on the site.

Ten ClubCoins equals one song, 60+ ClubCoins will get you one game and 75+ ClubCoins equals one computer program.

Plus, until March 31, 2010, members will get one ClubCoin for every 30 VOILA points (instead of the standard 50 VOILA points per ClubCoin).

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