Bangkok Airways Point Adjustment

Bangkok Airways Point Adjustment

As of the first of this year, Bangkok Airways FlyerBonus members will earn points for economy class fares based on the fare paid instead of the destination zone only. For example, those who pay discounted V, Q, G and B fares will earn five points for domestic flights (formerly 10), 10 points for International Zone 1 and 2 (formerly 15 and 20 points, respectively) and 15 points in International Zone 3 (formerly 25 points). And note that there are some fare classes where points are not earned.

Bottom line: This is bad news for bargain hunters with as much as one half of their points no longer being earned. Note also that these rates take effect on Jan. 1 regardless of when you purchased the tickets.

In other (better) news, FlyerBonus members can now exchange 1,000 KTC Forever Rewards points from your KTC credit card for 10 FlyerBonus points. KTC Bangkok Airways Titanium MasterCard and KTC Bangkok Airways Visa cardholders can swap their Forever Rewards points at a better rate: 750 Forever Rewards points for 10 FlyerBonus points. Plus, KTC Bangkok Airways co-branded cardholders will receive a 15 percent discount on any flight award redemption throughout this year, until Dec. 31, 2010.

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