KLM Economy Comfort

KLM Economy Comfort

Beginning in December of this year, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will be adding a new Economy Comfort section with extra legroom in economy class on intercontinental flights. Passengers who book Economy Comfort seats can enjoy an additional four inches of legroom and seats that can recline twice as far as regular economy seats. The seating area is located at the front of economy class so passengers can exit the plane more quickly.

Economy Comfort will be added to all intercontinental KLM flights and it will cost an extra $115 to $220 (80 to 150 euros) for each segment to book the premium seats. Flying Blue Platinum members and passengers flying on a full-flex economy class ticket can book Economy Comfort seats at no charge. Flying Blue Gold members will receive a 50 percent discount on the surcharge and Silver members receive a 25 percent discount. You can book Economy Comfort seats at www.klm.com or at the airport using the check-in kiosks.

Bottom line: KLM’s Economy Comfort is similar to United Airlines’ Economy Plus seating. Passengers receive economy class cabin service but have more room to stretch out. For those who are willing to spend extra money for the comfort of a roomier seat but don’t want to splurge for business or first class seating, this option may be worth the roughly $200 to $400 cost roundtrip.

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