Free WiFi on American and Delta

Free WiFi on American and Delta

Through Dec. 31, 2009, passengers on Delta Air Lines and American Airlines flights equipped with in-flight Internet can receive a free WiFi session during their flight the first time they use Gogo Internet.

To take advantage of the offer, connect to “gogoinflight” on your laptop or mobile device and launch the browser. Click “buy” to create an account and enter promo code DELTATRYGOGO (case sensitive) on the payment page when flying with Delta and AATRYGOGO with American. Click update total and you can surf the Web, send and receive email or connect to a VPN for as long as the plane remains above 10,000 feet.

Delta flights that offer WiFi can be identified by a “WiFi Onboard” symbol located near the aircraft door. So far, Delta has installed WiFi on over 70 percent of its domestic mainline fleet. Gogo in-flight Internet is available on 150 of American Airlines MD-80 aircraft.

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