Air New Zealand Credit Card Elite

Air New Zealand Credit Card Elite

The GlobalPlus Platinum Visa Bank of New Zealand credit card offers not only the ability to earn Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars, but owning the card will also help you get to elite status.

Cardholders can earn status points on every Air New Zealand flight and many Star Alliance flights. Every AUS$250 you spend will earn you one Status Point. Half the Status Points you earn will need to come from taking Air New Zealand or Star Alliance flights for you to be able to earn or move up in elite status. Cardholders also can have their Koru membership joining fee waived (AUS$250) and the annual membership fee is AUS$350 (normally $495). Visit to learn more and apply for the card.

Bottom line: The first level of elite, Silver, is attained with 450 status points, so you would be allowed to earn 225 of those points through spending AUS$56,250.

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