Thanks Again Web Site

Thanks Again Web Site

Thanks Again has launched an upgraded Web site for the program where consumers can earn extra frequent flyer miles and other rewards by enrolling credit or debit cards into the program. Whenever you shop at a participating merchant and use the enrolled cards, you can earn frequent flyer miles, cash back and other rewards.

More than 18,500 local businesses in all 50 states are part of the program including dry cleaning, golf, dining, spa services, shopping online and more. The Thanks Again Web site offers ongoing bonus promotions to its members, such as a 200-mile bonus whenever a member spends more than $200 over a 60-day period. The online mall includes retailers such as,,,, and you can also earn miles when purchasing spa appointment certificates or restaurant discount certificates. There are now incorporated links from the Web site to the usual social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with occasional bonus offers. And you can sign up for an RSS feed to receive updates on bonus opportunities.

Bottom line: The Thanks Again network has been steadily growing. If you looked at the program in the past, but didn’t think it was worth your while, it might pay to look again. You simply input your zip code at the Web site and will get a list of the different ways you can earn extra miles. For example, in the Bay Area, you can get 2.5 miles per dollar spent at Computer Troubleshooters in Alameda or five points per dollar (first service; four miles per dollar thereafter) at Broadway Muffler Service in Walnut Creek–it’s not usually fun to have someone work on your computer or to get a new muffler for your car, but at least the extra miles will come in handy. Thanks Again partners with Alaska, American, Continental, Delta, United and US Airways. Visit

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