Tap into TAP

Tap into TAP

TAP Victoria members can now have access to information every frequent flyer appreciates. Information such as flight distance traveled in miles, aircraft type, estimated actual departure and arrival times, baggage tracking, lounge location and destination information including current weather plus a comprehensive currency converter–all through the new Portal TAP Mobile. Access http://www.mobile.flytap.com on your mobile device and start surfing.

You will also be able to keep abreast of all promotions being offered by TAP Victoria through the new Portal TAP Mobile.

Members of Tap Victoria can now earn one mile per U.S. dollar spent online at Multihoteis, an online hotel booking service featuring 1,700 hotels in Brazil and 80,000 hotels in the rest of the world. Visit http://www.multihoteis.com

And there’s good news for Victoria Gold, Silver and Star Alliance Gold members–you can now enjoy the “Green Way” at airports in Lisbon, Funchal, Porto and Faro for faster access to your gate. Holders of TAP AMEX Platinum cards may also take advantage of the Green Way and those traveling on tap|executive and tap|plus tickets.

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