OK Plus Changes

OK Plus Changes

Members of Czech Airlines OK Plus will now need to keep a more careful eye on their earnings in the program with a recent change. Previously, a member needed to have at least one earning activity in three years to remain an active member. Now, you must have at least one earning activity within two years to keep your account active. If you do not, all the miles in the account will expire automatically.

The minimum miles credited for international Czech Airlines flights has been reduced from 1,000 to 750 miles. The fine print mentions, “… in certain booking categories, the number of miles may be increased or reduced depending on the tariff purchased.”

OK Plus members can now earn and spend miles for airport parking. You can earn 200 miles for every 500 CZK spent at VINCI Park at the Prague Airport. You can also spend 10,000 miles for a three-day parking card; 20,000 miles for seven days and up to 150,000 miles for a year’s worth of parking. T-Mobile is also a new partner in the OK Plus program where members of the T-Mobile Bonus loyalty program can convert their T-Mobile points into OK Plus miles. Visit http://www.t-mobile.cz for details.

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