SkyMiles Award Calendar

SkyMiles Award Calendar

Delta SkyMiles has made changes to its award calendar. When searching for awards, the calendar is no longer the default search and you will need to click the “I am flexible, show me more dates” when entering your route and date or “View calendar for more options” on the select trip page to pull up results from the calendar.

SkyMiles also included information about why the calendar may differ from what you find on the Select Flights page. In some cases, the actual flight mileage for an itinerary is different from what the calendar displays, which is caused by the presence of partner airlines, available trip routings and class of service.

The biggest change, however, has to do with partner airlines. Delta is removing all airlines except Delta and Northwest from the award calendar search. Members can still access partner inventory, but the results will no longer be visible on the calendar and you will have to search for flights on a partner airline by entering specific dates. Delta explains, “Due to the volume of traffic it would generate, it isn’t possible to do real-time inventory look ups on all possible partner airlines’ flights and routings, of which there are literally hundreds of thousands of possible combinations of days/partners/classes of service/etc.”

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