Frequent Flyer Miles for Good

Frequent Flyer Miles for Good

Frequent flyer miles can sometimes be used to make the world a better place. Take, for example, the story that ran recently via The Associated Press. A group of students in Idaho received 300,000 frequent flyer miles from Rep. Walt Minnick, D-Idaho, so that they could fly to Connecticut to return a World War II helmet to the soldier’s surviving family members.

The helmet had been used as a teaching tool for the 11th grade international history students at a school in Boise. They were able to trace the owner of the helmet, Anthony Malone of Middletown, Conn. through his name, company and Army serial number that he had placed in the helmet’s leather lining. Mr. Malone died eight years ago at the age of 83; however, the helmet was returned to Mr. Malone’s family including his wife, two children and grandchildren.

Rep. Minnick had earned the frequent flyer miles from business and campaign trips on US Airways. The airline waived some fees for the award tickets and an anonymous US Airways employee paid the taxes on the flights.

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