United's Premier Line

United's Premier Line

The latest move by United Airlines to grab for revenue sees the airline selling a service called “Premier Line” to customers who are not elite-level members. For a fee of at least $25 each way a customer can buy faster lanes at check-in, security and the gate. The airline is quick to emphasize that the service is free for elite Mileage Plus members.

Some of the fine print of the offer includes:

The above benefits may not be available at all times, at all airports or on all flights.

Premier Line travel option benefits apply only to the individual passenger who has purchased the Premier Line travel option. Each travel companion or family member must purchase the Premier Line travel option separately in order to receive benefits.

Premier Line travel option purchase is non refundable. Changes to the itinerary may result in the loss or unavailability of some Premier Line travel option benefits for the new itinerary.

Currently, the Premier Line is available at United’s five U.S. hubs–Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington Dulles along with Boston, Minneapolis, New York LaGuardia, Newark, Orange County, Calif., Portland, Ore., San Diego, Seattle and Washington National.

The consensus on FlyerTalk showed some concern that the addition of the paying Premier Liners will clog up some of the elite access; but overall, the feeling is that few will take United up on their offer.

UAPremierGuy on FlyerTalk sumed his feelings up thus, “I’m not sure how many people would go for it, but it represents the fact that there is really no loyalty required to be a Premier for United anymore.”

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