Booking Booking

Delta has simplified the booking process at to make purchasing airline tickets quicker and easier. After selecting flights, SkyMiles members can click “Purchase Now” and complete the ticket purchase with a credit card on file. You can also click a link to choose your seats before completing the purchase. In order to qualify for an immediate purchase, you must be traveling alone and have a credit card with a U.S. billing address stored with your up-to-date SkyMiles profile.

If you are purchasing a ticket for someone else, want to use another form of payment or aren’t ready to make the purchase, you can continue to the next screen, which will include your itinerary at the top of the page. You can expand the itinerary to view a breakdown of the fees so you can see the base fare plus all of the individual taxes and fees. The new booking enhancement appears to be popular with passengers–Delta reported on its blog that 25 percent of eligible users chose to make their purchase right after selecting flights in the first week the option became available.

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