The combined wisdom of two of the world’s leading business travel experts, Roger Collis and our own Randy Petersen, can now be found in one place–

Roger Collis has earned worldwide recognition as a business travel expert through his weekly column, ‘The Frequent Traveler,’ which appears every Friday in the International Herald Tribune.

“My vision is that will be a ‘must-go’ site for travelers,” says Collis, “a mine of information and informed opinion, forged through an ongoing dialogue between two contrapuntal, but complementary personalities in the wide world of business travel.”

Randy Petersen is not only the editor of this magazine, but is the founder of of and

Visitors to will find an extensive collection of articles, hot travel deals, podcasts, blogs written by both Collis and Petersen, and a Q&A section where both answer questions submitted by travelers.

The main attraction, however, will be a lively online and ongoing discussion about current topics affecting business travelers with Collis and Petersen taking a point/counterpoint approach.

“What too often is missing in articles related to business travel today is the budding of the topic without restraint to word length or sound bites,” Petersen says. “Words will certainly be exchanged between Roger and I on this site, and I’m looking forward to learning from Roger as well as expressing my view.”

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