American AAdvantage has introduced PriorityAAccess–special lanes for the airlines’ best customers to hasten their check in, security process and boarding. Along with special check-in desks, the airline plans to establish special security screen lanes separate from the general boarding lanes at airports, where permitted. The lanes will be clearly marked as PriorityAAccess lanes.

American will also clearly mark the PriorityAAcess lane at the gate for boarding. “Customers with PriorityAAccess privileges will be invited to board first or board at any time through their exclusive PriorityAAccess lane, which allows them to bypass lines after general boarding has begun,” an airline spokesperson said.

PriorityAAccess will be granted to elite members, those flying in first or business class or who have bought a full-fare coach ticket and AAirpass (prepaid) customers. Among the airports to get the dedicated security lanes will be Dallas/Ft Worth, Chicago, New York (JFK and LaGuardia), Miami, Los Angeles, St. Louis, San Francisco, Boston and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The airline plans to provide the special lane in additional airports where permitted. PriorityAAcess standardizes and broadens the special access the airlines’ best customers currently have.

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