PerkChoice Changes

PerkChoice Changes

Earlier this year, Northwest WorldPerks introduced PerkChoice, a flexible award option that allows members to use miles for one way of a roundtrip flight and cash for the return. More than one WorldPerks member found out the hard way that although PerkChoice offered members a welcomed alternative to miles only, the ‘part miles part cash’ awards had some rather unpleasant restrictions, such as no miles on the paid segment and loss of all money paid when making a change to the flight.

WorldPerks responded to members’ disappointment by making a few adjustments, including offering mileage accrual, including EQMs, on the paid portion of the flight. In addition, WorldPerks elite members will receive complimentary space available upgrades on the paid portion and all members can use miles to upgrade to first class on the paid portion of the itinerary.

You can also now receive a refund or make changes to your PerkChoice flights for a processing fee of $100 for itineraries within North America or within Asia, or $200 for all other international itineraries.

When booking awards on, members can view the lowest PerkChoice fares along with award availability and mileage amounts, making it easier for members to decide whether to use miles for the entire roundtrip or a combination of miles and cash.

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