BA's Metrotwin

BA's Metrotwin

British Airways has launched a social media website called Metrotwin. The “twins” are two of the world’s greatest cities, London and New York. Metrotwin provides recommendations on the best restaurants bars, shops, neighborhoods and other places in both cities and enables members to review, rate, save, create profiles, follow other members’ recommendations and make their own maps and lists.

The network also provides personalized recommendations based on user behavior, and gives every place a score out of 100, which changes dynamically.

Chris Davies, the digital marketing manager at British Airways, said: “British Airways is a company which connects people and social media is about connecting people. We fly more people between London and New York than anyone else. Creating a community Web site about the best of what’s on offer in the two cities we know best is a credible and useful tool.”

The site is currently looking for bloggers intimately familiar with one of the two cities and is offering 2,000 British Airways Executive miles as an incentive.

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