AirTran Helps You Plan

AirTran Helps You Plan

AirTran Airways has partnered with Home&Abroad to provide travelers with a new online itinerary planner. Getaway Planner can be found at Click the green suitcase under the flight booking engine on the home page to get started.

After choosing a destination, you can plan your trip using four different methods: Trip Themes, Custom Planner, Browse and Dream Trips. When you select Dream Trip, you can view a complete itinerary that has been created by a travel expert. Browse offers information about a destination and allows you to choose your own activities. Custom Planner allows you to enter your travel preferences and view a customized itinerary based on your choices. Or you can select Trip Themes to view activities based on your interests. When you’re finished planning your trip, you can print out your customized travel guide to take with you on the trip.

You can also share your travel experiences and rate places you’ve been. Of special interest to families or anyone on a budget, the site also lists free activities. The site also includes a map and finder tool to help you locate attractions, restaurants and hotels in a particular city.

We found the site contains a lot of information about the destinations we researched and the Dream Trip tool provides a convenient way to plan a short getaway.

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