Delta Doubles Bag Fee

Delta Doubles Bag Fee

Delta Air Lines has doubled its fee to bring a second checked bag on domestic flights, from $25 to $50. First class, BusinessElite and Medallion customers will be exempt from this latest fee increase and can continue to check up to three bags at no charge.

American, United, Northwest and US Airways all charge $15 for a first checked bag and $25 for a second. Passengers flying any of these airlines will be required to pay $30 to check one bag roundtrip while Delta allows passengers to check one bag at no charge. Bring two bags, however, and you’ll be paying $20 more roundtrip on Delta. Continental currently does not charge for the first bag checked and the fee for a second bag is $25 (within North America and to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, excluding Brazil).

Delta also raised fees for checking a third bag to $125 on domestic flights (up from $80) and bringing a bag that is between 51 and 70 pounds has increased from $80 to $90. Your surfboard, or any checked bag on domestic flights that is 62 inches to 80 inches of its length plus width plus height is now $175 (up from $150). If a customer has an extra piece of luggage that goes over the weight and size limit, the passenger will be charged three times — $50 for second bag, $90 for over the weight limit and $175 for being over the size limit ($630 roundtrip). Delta customers can check two bags free for international flights.

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