Frontier and Midwest Raise Fees

Frontier and Midwest Raise Fees

FFrontier Airlines has raised a number of fees and is now charging passengers $25 for a second checked bag. Active duty military personnel and elite Summit and Ascent EarlyReturns members are exempt from the new baggage charge.

The fee for children traveling alone will increase from $40 to $50 per segment and pets will no longer be allowed to travel in the cabin. The checked pet fee for 400 series kennels or higher will increase from $100 to $200. The charge for overweight or oversized bags is now $75 (up from $50), the paper ticket fee is $35 (up from $25), the cost to transport scuba equipment is $100 (up from $0) and the cost to transport antlers is now $100 (up from $75).

Midwest Airlines is now charging customers $20 to check a second bag. Active members of the U.S. military and Midwest Miles Executive members are an exception and can continue to check two bags for free.

In response to all of the U.S. airlines’ checked bag fee changes, Southwest Airlines has stated it has no intention to start charging passengers to check one or two bags. The airline announced in a press release, “We want to assure you that Southwest Airlines still allows you to check up to two free bags when you travel with us, and has no plans to change that.”

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