There are many booking engines available to help you find the cheapest fares, but a cheap flight that has a tight connection and a history of not being on time may not be your best choice.

A new Web site founded by travel industry veteran Dave Pelter, InsideTrip’s stated mission is to “help consumers buy travel smarter.” The site helps travelers choose a flight based on a TripQuality score that factors in elements beyond price.

InsideTrip’s TripQuality score is based on a 100-point scale and takes into account 12 aspects of an itinerary having to do with speed, comfort and ease. The score is calculated based on items such as the number of stops, on-time stats, legroom, lost bags rank and connect time. InsideTrip also allows users to customize their scores.

For example, if you never check luggage, you can deselect “lost bags rank” and recalculate the score so only those factors that are important to you will be included in the rating. After selecting a flight, you will be taken to to complete your purchase.

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