When you book your hotel stays through the Agoda site, you can earn points that can be used as instant cash savings on future stays. You will earn 25 points per dollar spent and can spend 5,000 points for $10 off a booking. The award levels go up as high as 300,000 points for $600 off a future stay.

An Agoda Rewards membership is free and you can make reservations and earn and burn at 32,600 hotels in 100 countries.

When you earn more than 75,000 points in a single calendar year, your membership will be upgraded to the Elite 75 level which entitles you to receive 31.25 points for every dollar you book (an additional 25 percent), as well as have more flexibility when spending your points.

If you refer the program to friends and family, you’ll earn 100 points for each of the first three referrals. And if you provide a review of the hotel stay, you can earn 500 bonus points for each hotel you review. Double points offers are sometimes available and members-only offers are also available, first come first served, that include free hotel stays when redeeming points.

As with other travel sites, check with your hotel guest loyalty program directly to ascertain if you will be allowed to earn points/miles through your membership with them when booking through an Agoda site. Visit to join and book a hotel stay.

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