Live Search, Get Miles

Live Search, Get Miles

You can now exercise your brain while playing online games, or by simply doing an online search, and get miles. Live Search Club — — is an online club brought to you by the folks at Microsoft intended to motivate you to try and adopt their new “Live” search engine.

The site features word games and the search engine is there in case you need help to solve the word challenges — new games are added every day. If you haven’t heard of the site thus far, don’t feel like you’ve been asleep at the keyboard, it has been slowly making its way through cyberspace, mostly by word of mouth. Microsoft is using the site as a vehicle to get users accustomed to the new Live search engine.

When you play games and do searches, you can earn “tickets” that can then be redeemed for various prizes, including miles in the following frequent flyer programs: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Midwest Airlines and US Airways. Each game that you play, or partially play, can earn you up to 25 tickets — and the amount you earn depends on how long it’s expected for someone to finish the game. You can also download the Live Search Toolbar that will track your tickets, show you the available prizes and give you access to the latest games all with one click — and you will earn more tickets by conducting your online searches through the toolbar. You will earn one ticket for every search with a maximum of 10 tickets a day through using the toolbar. You can then redeem two tickets for one mile. You can download the toolbar at

You can redeem 250 tickets for 100 frequent flyer miles; 1,000 tickets for 500 miles, 1,800 tickets for 1,000 miles and 4,300 tickets will get you 2,500 miles. According to Azim Esmail of the AirIncentives program, the back-end for the mileage prizes, several Live users have already redeemed for miles several times at the 4,300 ticket level. “And one of the best benefits of earning miles through the Live Search Club is that the miles earned will be considered activity in your frequent flyer account and will keep your miles from expiring.”

Esmail says that users can expect new airline partners to be added in 2008 when the program expands internationally.

The miles typically take from 15-19 days to post to your account. The offer was originally planned for 18 months only but it has proved so popular that Microsoft has decided to extend it.

To get the miles, you’ll need a MSN/Live account and will need to provide your frequent flyer number when it comes time to redeem your tickets.

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