Avis Online

Avis Online

Avis has launched a new online service to connect Avis customers to information on concerts, sporting events, museums, galleries, festivals and other activities at 25 major business travel destinations in the United States.

Customers who plan to rent Avis’ Where2 portable GPS navigation system can save destination information found at mywhere2.com, or anywhere else on the Web, onto a Secure Digital (SD) memory card that can be transferred into the Where2 unit when you pick up your rental vehicle. You must first download a plug-in available at http://www.avis.com/mywhere2 to send addresses of places you want to visit to your SD card.

It’s a quick and easy way to have access to addresses and points of interest at your fingertips when driving in an unfamiliar city. The site also features the “Avis Quick City Guides” of travel information including maps, restaurants and locations of 24-hour pharmacies, airlines, package shipping outlets and more. Research conducted by Avis showed that 81 percent of business travelers said they spend at least some of their after-work time for pleasure and 23 percent said that they often waste free time because they lack the time and resources to plan in advance. The Where2 system makes it easy to plan in advance with just a visit to the Web, and guides you where you want to go once you’re there — no more folding out maps while steering with one hand.

Avis Where2 with guidance by Garmin also notifies drivers of upcoming traffic snarls complete with alternate routes. It also offers Bluetooth hands-free calling, MP3 playback capability, spoken directions in multiple languages, three-dimensional maps and more.

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