Northwest Earning Changes

Northwest Earning Changes

Effective Jan. 1, 2008, members of Northwest WorldPerks will need to closely watch the fare class when purchasing tickets on Alitalia to earn miles in WorldPerks. Some discounted fares will now earn half the actual miles flown (N, L, O, Q, X, W, S) and these same fares will also earn half the elite qualifying miles. Members who fly CSA Czech Airlines should also be aware that more fare classes will earn half the WorldPerks miles (S, V, N, W). Similar changes to accrual with Air France flights now offer 25 percent of the actual miles flown instead of 100 percent. Keep in mind that these changes are for flights operated and coded by these carriers, not Northwest-coded flights.

International airlines are not the only Northwest Airlines partners that have seen changes to accrual. Members of WorldPerks who fly Continental Airlines on partner-coded flights will now receive half the elite qualifying miles or none at all.

Yes, it’s alphabet soup and a bit murky, so we suggest you visit to read up on the changes.

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