MR Time

MR Time

(That’s mileage run for the uninitiated.) With the end of the year just an office party or two away, frequent flyers are turning their minds to their mileage balances. If you’re not safely in elite, you might be considering a mileage run, defined by as, “A series of flights taken in a very short amount of time, solely for the purpose of accumulating frequent flyer miles, with a blatant disregard for the destinations.”

If you’re new to mileage runs, help is at hand. The folks at are only a few clicks away, and as pointed out in a master post, you will benefit the most if you let your fellow travelers know the following when posting for help:

1) The program in which you’re aiming for elite.
2) The number of miles/segments you currently have.
3) How many more miles/segments you need to reach elite.
4) Whether or not there is some place in particular you would really like to go.
5) Dates you are available to travel — both departure and return.
6) Your budget.

Armed with this information, FlyerTalkers will soon have you on your way. Don’t forget to show your appreciation.

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