Worth the Trouble?

Worth the Trouble?

A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle prompted an Internet discussion on sfgate.com entitled, “Are frequent flyer miles worth the trouble?” Some of the answers are listed below.

“With all the new restrictions and fees the airlines keep on piling on, it’s not really worth the trouble. Nevertheless, it’s better than nothing. But I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to buy tickets from a certain airline just to accrue mileage points.”

“Frequent flyer mileage programs are like the lottery. The playing of the game is entertaining even if the redemption is unlikely. And just like the lottery, sometimes you win a little and find flights that almost work, but the big jackpot is always out of reach.”

“I don’t go through much trouble to earn frequent flyer miles, so it feels like almost-free travel for minimal effort. I’ve been able to redeem my miles with relatively few headaches. However, flying is a nightmare these days, so I’m flying less frequently.”

“I’ve had free trips to Japan, Europe, Seattle and Boise, and will be more than happy to take that kind of ‘trouble’ off anyone’s hands. Just send me all of your pesky, irritating miles.”

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