Virgin Solicitation

Virgin Solicitation

Virgin America, a “new generation” low-fare airline intends to launch scheduled domestic airline service from San Francisco early this year upon government approval — the government denied the request the first time around. But the folks at Virgin America are pressing on and asking for your opinion. Under the FAQs on the airline’s Web site — — you will find this question and answer:

Q: Will you have a frequent flyer program?
A: Yes, but not as you know frequent flyer programs now. We want this to be a one-of-a-kind experience too. Version 2.0, if you will. So to make it more than just a mile-hoarding contest, we ask you to send us your thoughts. How can we make it fun as well as rewarding? You’ve got the power here. Use it. E-mail us your ideas. Who knows? We may put them on our Web site… or even in our program.

You can e-mail Virgin at — And while you’re visiting their Web site, you can also tell Virgin where you think they should fly. The airline’s inaugural flight will be between San Francisco and New York (JFK) and within nine months of operation, the airline plans to serve Washington, D.C. (Dulles), Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas. Within a year, as many as 10 cities could be served and up to 30 cities within five years of service — but they are asking your opinion of the cities you think they should serve. Also of note, Virgin America promises that 25 percent of the carrier’s profits will go directly to combating global warming. The Virgin Group owns 25 percent of the company, and as part of their commitment to reduce the airline’s use of fossil fuels, the group has pledged to commit 100 percent of their profits from their transportation businesses to combating global warming over the next 10 years — it’s estimated that the group’s profits might reach $3 billion by that time.

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