Aeroplan Elite News

Aeroplan Elite News

It’s not unusual for frequent flyer programs to make adjustments when a new year rolls around. Air Canada Aeroplan’s elite program is no exception.

Aeroplan is warning its elite members that as of the new year, they will be relying on e-mail as the sole communication channel for Top Tier program information. If an elite member does not have a valid e-mail account, they will not receive notification of their elite status. Therefore, they will not be able to respond to select their elite benefits and will receive default benefits that cannot be altered once given.

A bonus of Air Canada Status Miles or upgrade certificates for purchasing eligible Flight Passes has been added for elite-level members.

The number of upgrade certificates required for North America long distance travel has been reduced. In the past, two upgrade certificates were required for long haul flights. Only one upgrade certificate is now required for a one-way upgrade to Executive Class from origin to destination (including connections) for travel within Canada or between Canada and the Continental U.S.. Furthermore, B and H booking classes are no longer eligible for upgrade in markets offering simplified fares, when using a 2007 system wide upgrade certificate.

Aeroplan has modified its “Special Access to Aeroplan Reward Seats” benefit. Super Elite members must now be a member of the traveling party when redeeming Aeroplan award seats on international flights in Executive First and Executive Class. Previously, the Super Elite member did not have to be in the traveling party for this benefit. Also, the “Buy a Ticket & Claim a Companion Ticket” benefit is now exclusively reserved for Super Elite members.

Aeroplan made changes to the Threshold Bonuses for elite-level members. They will now receive system wide upgrades at the 40,000, 75,000 and 120,000 Status Miles levels — and at every 30,000 Status Miles level starting at the 165,000 Status Miles level. Additionally, the threshold levels have been changed from 15,000, 30,000 and 45,000 Air Canada Status Miles to 20,000, 40,000 and 60,000 Status Miles. The next levels remain the same — at every 15,000 Status Miles (75,000, 90,000 and 105,000).

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