More Store for Elite

More Store for Elite

Membership Rewards is not the only program to offer special awards to their elite members. The More Store from Frontier Airlines offers “unique, unrestricted and best-in-class” items for redemption with a set cost or via a bidding process. Lisa Rensberger, a Branding Specialist with Frontier Airlines commented, “We want our most loyal customers to have the opportunity to purchase, with miles, items that they either wouldn’t have access to, or things that are true luxuries that they might not buy for themselves if not for the More Store.”

The More Store inventory changes on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis. During the recent holiday season, a quick view of the offerings showed a “Full Day Escape” at Tallgrass Spa in Colorado, a limited edition Montblanc Starwalker pen, the latest in electronics, ski passes, sports tickets and even a private catered dinner party by mise en place cooking school — a $1,800 value.

If you are not yet one of Frontier’s Ascent or Summit level members, you can attain the lofty status by earning 15,000 flight miles to become an Ascent member or 25,000 flight miles to become a Summit member.

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