Not Home for the Holidays

Not Home for the Holidays

Feeling lonely on the road? Hyatt Hotels & Resorts is offering a unique way to lessen the road warrior blues. Available exclusively for Hyatt’s Gold Passport members in North America and the Caribbean, the New Hyatt Wake-Up Call is a customized service allowing family and friends to record personalized wake-up call greetings for traveling loved ones. To jumpstart this new service, supermodel Christie Brinkley recorded two limited-edition wake-up greetings available for download at

Each time a Gold Passport member registers for Brinkley’s call, Hyatt will donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As we write this, Lauren Cohen of Hyatt reports that Hyatt has had more than 4,100 calls in the first three weeks of the program — more than 180 calls per day.

Diamond and Platinum Gold Passport members will receive unlimited Hyatt Wake-Up Call service for one year. All members can create greetings via Hyatt’s Web site. If you are a Hyatt Gold Passport member and would like to receive a complimentary access code to the Hyatt Wake-Up Call service, e-mail Gold Passport customer service at

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