Coffee, Tea or Visa?

Coffee, Tea or Visa?

Flyers with US Airways are being propositioned by the flight attendants. As in, would you like a credit card to go with those pretzels? In the latest effort to boost the bottom line, US Airways flight attendants are pitching the US Airways Visa Signature card. If members sign up for the card on the flight, they will earn 500 bonus miles. And, the flight attendant will earn a sales commission.

This push has come about partly from the fact that Bank of America, the bank behind the Visa Signature card, will be ending its partnership with US Airways at the end of 2007. This is Bank of America’s last hurrah with US Airways and they want to go out with a bang.

Think of the push by the flight attendants as just another announcement you can choose to ignore — try not to think about those babes in arms they might have waiting for them at the end of their shift.

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