3D Action

3D Action

From the “How cool is this?” file; fboweb.com, a self-described aviation services Web site, is utilizing Google Earth functionality to create a truly unique flight tracking tool. Visitors to the fboweb site who have Google Earth downloaded on their computer can view a flight path overlaid on top of Google’s satellite imagery, and with the slide of a mouse can see a graphical representation of the altitude of the flight along its route.

From fboweb.com, “you can now see flights in real-time and in 3D… zooming in to particular flights, rotating around them, seeing them from all angles… by far the most advanced flight tracking system available today.”

Words do not do this feature justice. Click over to http://www.insideflyer.com/link/?20 to see the screen shots for yourself. And once you have downloaded Google Earth (it’s free), you can use fboweb’s “Quick Track” feature (also free) to begin tracking any flight in 3D.

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