British Airways Clears Registered Traveler Program

British Airways Clears Registered Traveler Program

British Airways has announced it will launch the Clear Registered Traveler program at the British Airways Terminal 7 at JFK this fall, and the airline plans to market the program to British Airways’ customers across North America.

Terminal 7, which serves several other major airlines in addition to British Airways, will become the first facility in the New York area to have registered traveler. The program allows business travelers and other frequent flyers to pay a small annual fee and provide background information so that they can be pre-screened by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and be provided a biometric identity card that will allow them expedited access through airport security checkpoints.

“We are pleased to now have an agreement with Clear to operate the registered traveler program at our JFK terminal and to engage in a variety of co-marketing activities,” said Robin Hayes, Executive Vice President, The Americas, British Airways. “The customer service benefits that Clear will offer our valued customers not only in New York but in cities where Clear will launch in the future are consistent with the innovations that British Airways is renowned for delivering.”

Under the TSA’s recently-issued rules for operating registered traveler programs, airports as well as airlines can sponsor programs with service providers like Clear.

Beyond operating Clear Registered Traveler at Terminal 7, other aspects of the agreement include jointly-sponsored in-office corporate enrollment, and a jointly-branded marketing campaign highlighting the convenient, predictable experience that British Airways is offering through Clear.

British Airways becomes the first airline to partner with the program that, in Orlando, has more than 27,000 members.

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