FlyerTalkers in Middle East Scoop the World

FlyerTalkers in Middle East Scoop the World

As we go to press, hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah have been escalating at a tragic pace. As these events have been transpiring, two posters at Internet bulletin board who reside in the region — BEYFlyer and Dovster — have been providing first-hand accounts of the unfolding battle from their respective positions in the zone of conflict.

Both members are providing timely and quality information, and through their efforts are putting a human face on these dramatic world events. But beyond that, these two FlyerTalkers — one of whom is posting from his home in Beirut, the other from his home in Northern Israel — are demonstrating a level of caring and thoughtfulness toward each other that is at once remarkable, given the circumstances, and inspiring.

“BEYFlyer, please take this warning seriously,” Dovster wrote at one point after the Israeli Defense Forces warned Lebanese civilians to evacuate Beirut’s southern suburbs ahead of a planned airstrike. “Go into the center of Beirut and earn some points at the hotel of your choice.”

Because of the intense political feelings the conflict has raised, the thread has been heavily moderated, leaving some, including a Phoenix-area radio talk-show host, feeling excluded. Nevertheless, moderators at FlyerTalk felt it best to keep the thread’s conversational tone intact.

The thread may be seen under the “FlyerTalk Community” section of the site.

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