US Airways Hits Few Bumps in Web Site Merger

US Airways Hits Few Bumps in Web Site Merger is no more.

America West has merged its loyalty program into US Airways Dividend Miles, and the Web site followed suit recently.

Members who type in or will now be redirected to the US Airways site.

Quietly, though, the US Airways site itself was recently upgraded from its older, hard-to-navigate layout. While most airlines are trying to increase Web-based bookings to 35 percent or more, just 13 percent of US Airways’ ticket sales came via

The new Web site includes some features of the US Airways site, including the ability to type in a city name or airport code for flights instead of having to scroll down a long list of cities served, as you did at

The merging of the two sites was relatively smooth, though not everyone was happy.

Within a day of the merger, some customers were having trouble booking flights using only airport codes or city names.

US Airways spokesman Phil Gee told The Charlotte Observer that the company was pleased with the transition so far. “When you’re undertaking something so massive there’s going to be some glitches here and there,” he said.

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