Frontier launches a "Whole Different Web Site"

Frontier launches a "Whole Different Web Site"

Frontier Airlines has launched an entirely re-designed Web site after a year-long effort to improve what many saw as a weak link in the carrier’s overall presence.

The previous site allowed customers to book tickets online, but lacked many of the functions of competitors’ sites.

Based upon extensive research and feedback sessions with its members, the company expects the new site, , to become the primary driver of its ticket sales. Before the new site was launched, just 35 percent of the Frontier tickets sold online were purchased through its Web site.

“The launch of the new is a significant accomplishment for this company, and while on its surface, it is certainly a great customer enhancement, the true story for Frontier is one of cost savings,” said Jeff Potter, President and CEO of Frontier Airlines.

“Our goal with the new site is to increase our Web bookings by over 40 percent in the next year, which would reflect a significant savings for us in terms of distribution costs,” Potter said.

Among the site’s enhancements is a new layout designed to ease navigation through nearly 200 new pages of information. A new search function on the upper-right corner of every page allows members to see everything the site features on that subject.

A downloadable program called Desktop Deals takes a cue from Southwest’s “Ding!” product, and alerts members to timed fare sales that last only a few hours via a desktop pop-up window.

The site also features interactive games, and an online store featuring Frontier-branded merchandise such as jackets, stuffed animals and mouse pads.

In addition to offering new features and functionality, Frontier intends to drive traffic to the site by offering a low fare guarantee. If a member finds a Frontier airfare lower than what is offered on for the same flight on the same day, Frontier will credit the member with 2,500 EarlyReturns miles.

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