AirTran: Free Ticket for Internet Service

AirTran: Free Ticket for Internet Service

AirTran Airways is letting A+ Rewards members earn roundtrip tickets when they purchase Internet access or voice services from EarthLink. Members can earn at least 16 credits, equal to a roundtrip ticket, when they sign up for EarthLink dial-up, high-speed DSL or cable, or trueVoice Unlimited Internet phone service, for a limited time only.

Order EarthLink trueVoice Unlimited and receive 16 credits. You don’t have to be an EarthLink Subscriber to get trueVoice, you just need a high-speed connection. Or, you can opt to switch to EarthLink Dial-Up, Cable or DSL Internet access and also earn 16 credits.

Members who sign up for both trueVoice and High Speed Internet access will earn 32 credits.

Visit for more information.

Here’s the kicker: Though the offer lasts a “limited time,” no specific end-date has been given. We suggest that if you’re interested, you get moving!

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