Aeroplan Lets Members Go "Beyond Miles"

Aeroplan Lets Members Go "Beyond Miles"

Aeroplan has launched a new “Beyond Miles” program to give its members the ability to donate Aeroplan miles to any of six non-profit organizations, or to Air Canada’s Kids’ Horizons program.

According to Aeroplan, the charitable causes chosen on behalf of the program’s approximately 5 million members all embody a philosophy of giving professional skills and experience, combined with engagement with the global community, and going beyond traditional donated aid.

The Beyond Miles program enables Aeroplan members to donate Aeroplan Miles through the program’s Web site to the following organizations:

  • Engineers Without Borders;
  • Medecins Sans Frontieres;
  • Schools Without Borders;
  • The Stephen Lewis Foundation;
  • Veterinarians Without Borders;
  • Canadian Executive Service Organisation;
  • Air Canada’s Kids’ Horizons.

    For all, Aeroplan says, travel is a fundamental feature of their operations, as well as being one of the most significant costs of their work. These charitable programs will be able to use Aeroplan miles to offset costs related to travel to and from projects, both in Canada and around the world. Some of them respond to catastrophic events by rebuilding ravaged social and physical environments, and will also be able to help by providing transportation support for medical treatment.

    In launching the new program, Aeroplan itself has contributed more than 1 million miles to each of the participating organizations. Aeroplan’s partners, American Express and CIBC, also contributed to the launch with a combined donation of more than 4 million Aeroplan miles, bringing the total initial donation to 12 million miles.

    The Beyond Miles program also aims to facilitate communication between these organizations and Aeroplan members, providing Canadians with more opportunities to learn about each organization’s projects, to offer additional resources and expertise, and to invite representatives to speak about their work to community and school groups.

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