Southwest Airlines Hits the Blogosphere

Southwest Airlines Hits the Blogosphere

Remember when the word “blog” only conjured up images of Steve McQueen battling a giant amoeba with a fire extinguisher? Sure, it was misspelled, but “blob” was the only word that even came close.

Now, no more than a couple of years later, blogs (WeB LOGS) are all the rage on the Internet.

Joining the trend is Southwest Airlines, which launched its own blog, “Nuts about Southwest” recently.

The purpose of the blog, according to Brian Lusk, Manager of Corporate Communication, is to “earn a bookmark on your browser, or even better, a RSS feed on your reader, by making our corporate blog interesting, timely, and fun for all involved. We look at this blog as the place where our employees ‘come out to play.'”

Visit and get the insiders’ perspectives on nearly every aspect of spreading the LUV.

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