Web Site Offers Advice on Affinity Cards

Web Site Offers Advice on Affinity Cards

FrankfordFinancial.com has expanded its airline credit card section. New features like FAQs, news and analysis of travel rewards cards can assist program members in choosing the right card.

The site’s airline credit card section sorts through the most airline and frequent flyer credit cards, providing users with a side-by-side view of which cards may be best for them. It helps take the guesswork out of card benefits, rewards programs, APRs and annual fees–in straightforward language.

Another option, of course, are hotel credit cards. “Ironically, people are so caught up in getting free airfare or upgrades that they overlook the fact that a hotel stay is much more expensive than an airline ticket,” said Kezia Pearlman, Analyst for FrankfordFinancial.com. “For this reason, using a travel rewards [hotel] card sometimes makes more sense than an airline credit card. This is especially true if you’re planning an extended trip.”

FrankfordFinancial.com updates credit card data frequently.

For Frankford’s take on airline credit cards, including the “best in category” selections, ratings, news, FAQs and help with applications visit http://www.frankfordfinancial.com/airline-travel-credit-card/airline-travel-creditcard.htm

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