CSA Czech OK Plus – April, 25 2006

CSA Czech OK Plus – April, 25 2006

Flight simulator awards aren’t necessarily new, but they are new for members of CSA Czech OK Plus — an up-and-comer in Eastern Europe.

For 80,000 miles, OK Plus will put you in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 flight simulator. The simulator is an exact copy of the cockpit of a Boeing 737 with all functioning components and controls, and is used for the training of CSA pilots.

Before you take the captain’s seat, a briefing from an experienced instructor will introduce you to the challenges of handling an airplane and the fundamentals of aerodynamics. An hour-long simulated flight will follow, during which you may take off and land at an airport chosen by you. Potential sites include London, Prague or Frankfurt, or smaller, but more interesting airports, such as Innsbruck, surrounded by the Alps.

After the flight, your performance will be evaluated, and you’ll receive gifts from CSA as well as Microsoft Flight Simulator. Simulator awards need only be reserved one week in advance. For details, visit http://www.csa.cz

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